Steve Souders on dynaTrace AJAX Edition

Steve is probably one of the most well known persons in the industry when it comes to web application performance. He took the time to look at our free Dynatrace AJAX Edition and shared his feedback on his recent blog post titled Dynatrace AJAX Edition – tracing JS performance.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • “… through the UI you’ll find the answer for almost any performance or profiling question you have”
  • “The main differentiator of DAE is all the JavaScript profiling it does”
  • “A major feature is the ability to save the DAE analysis, so you can examine it later and share it with colleagues.”
  • “… Dynatrace Ajax Edition has the information to pinpoint the high-level area all the way down to the actual line of code that needs to be improved”

Thanks from the Dynatrace Lab for the feedback that Steve and other users that have already downloaded the tool gave us so far. Please continue providing feedback or ask tool related questions through the community forum. In case you have general questions use the contact form.

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