Solaris support for Java & Oracle/Apache HTTP Server now available (beta)

Dynatrace is proud to announce the availability of support for Solaris for Java and Apache HTTP Server (beta).

What you get

For complete instructions on setting up Dynatrace to monitor your Solaris based applications, please see How do I install OneAgent on Solaris?

View host-level metrics

Once you’ve installed Dynatrace OneAgent and restarted your applications, you’ll see your Solaris-based hosts listed on the Hosts page. Select the host to view the host overview page (see below). Note that the Solaris version is listed in the Properties section. All the standard host CPU, memory, disk and network metrics are available here.


To see all the details of everything Dynatrace supports, have a look at our supported technologies matrix.

Note: Solaris support requires Dynatrace OneAgent 1.131 or higher.