Social Media Recap – Classic Tweets at Perform 2018

Everyone loves a good story and at this year’s Perform there was no shortage of classic commentary.

This post took me a few hours as I searched through all the tweets. But how boring if it’s just me. So please share in the comments any tweets that you think I should update and add!

All In One – All You Need

We started the event by sharing the importance of three things:

  1. Software has to work perfectly and you can’t do this with legacy monitoring
  2. The Dynatrace All-in-One Platform is the only solution capable
  3. People liked the space theme
  4. Star Wars was a hit

From 4 Releases per year to 26

In order to keep pace with consumer demand, and to keep up with the complexity of digital environments, we shifted our release cycles from 4 major releases per year to 26.

This level of innovation sets us apart and will see Dynatrace continue to accelerate past other APM vendors.

Session Replay – Dynatrace extends CX leadership

The mastermind, and our CTO, Bernd Greifeneder on Session Replay

Forrester analyst James McCormick liked it.

So did IDC analyst Larry Carvalho

Pivotal and Dynatrace – a match made FOR ‘the cloud’

The CEO of Pivotal Rob Mee was one of the standout sessions. I gathered two great quotes which showcased the value of our partnership.

Revolutionizing APM – Monitoring Redefined

Mark Kaplan joined us for 2 presentations at Perform. At the risk of stealing the show, and this post, he was responsible for not 1, but 6,7,8 classic comments at the event.

When the world relies on your cloud platform, SAP turned to Dynatrace

And in the breakout:

Citrix: 3x Improvement in Productivity, 80% Improvement in Visibility

The Citrix transformation is a powerful one. These numbers speak for themselves.

AWS: When the world’s largest cloud provider gives you kudos

It was awesome having AWS as a major sponsor, partner and for us, a customer. Tomasz Stachlewski shared how IOT and serverless is a focus for AWS customers, and that Dynatrace is perfectly suited to support.

Zero Dashboard Culture at Beachbody

The Beachbody presentation generated a sea of classic tweets. From zero dashboards, to consolidation of tools. Here are just a few posts.

Sita – Never miss and bag never miss a transaction

Sita is the world’s largest provider of digital services to the airline industry. So when they set about disrupting the buggage system – they enlisted Dynatrace.

Starbucks – finding a needle in a digital haystack.

For Starbucks they needed quick answers to digital problems – not a Monopoly board of problem resolution sequences. With a new store opening in China every 15 hours they need scale, visibility and precision. The beauty of Dynatrace, was our ability to identify issues right down to the line of code. But not their code. They now use Dynatrace to hold all ISV’s accountable.

What if the data extended beyond the screen?

Our R&D teams don’t rest and never settle for status quo. So what now? First it was AI, OneAgent, Full Stack, Session Replay, then voice integrations, now 3D rendering?

Our AI got smarter, can pull in more data, and will drive our API strategy

The highlight of the show had to be when our team shared the vision for going beyond APM.

Virgin Money tires of alerting and turns AI powered root cause problem resolution.

I shared a beer with Andy Lofthouse on stage as he shared how Virgin Money has gone from guessing, days of troubleshooting, impacted customer experience, false alerts to precise AI powered root cause brilliance.

On the lighter side I did enjoy these two tweets:

We are thrilled to partner with Red Hat. They were pretty happy with us

It’s called a HOT day for a reason

The Partner event exceeded 250

The Ford F150 has 150 million lines of code

I shared how software is dominating our lives and code complexity is growing exponentially. This is why the world’s leading brands and airlines turn to Dynatrace to manage their IOT requirements.

Remarkably the Ford F150 has more lines of code than a 787.

Our social media manager figured it was big enough for him.

Lastly – I end with how it started. A bit of fun which turned into a fairly cool spectacle

Not sure what this says but I’m guessing cool

But kudos to the event team who made the stage feel like it was from another galaxy

And of course a giant fuseball table filled the twittersphere.

Ready to tell your story? Sneakers for Speakers

One of our rockstar presenters shares his new kicks. Get your story ready for next year peeps!

Thank you everyone. See you in Barcelona

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