Simplifying the complexities of the universe with Dynatrace

Last year at Perform Vegas we opened the event from a galaxy far, far away. This year, we finished day two in the same way – but from a different person and perspective.

Professor Brian Cox.

Whilst the big bang theory and physics may seem worlds apart from what we do here at Dynatrace, Professor Brian Cox hit on how to simplify the complexities of the universe and how Dynatrace does this too, during his mind-blowing keynote at Perform 2019.

Mesmerizing the audience, Brian took us on a journey beyond the cloud and into another galaxy, focusing on the history of the black hole, how the world came to exist and showed us photographic evidence of the Big Bang. It’s an understatement to say he left the audience speechless, and ended the first day of Perform, on a high.

Data sets

“The Galaxy is the smallest data set out there,” Cox opened his keynote saying.

For those of us working with data, that’s quite an overwhelming statement to put forward. But when broken down, Brian makes the complexities of these data sets of the galaxy seem somewhat simple – similarly to how Dynatrace does for customers.

Cox continued, “Data sets of stars help us understand both the evolution and the future of the galaxy. The challenge with the data set is to actually gather it up and then form a framework in which we can analyze that information, see the patterns and build theories to why and where that data came from.”

Whilst Brian focused on the evolution of the galaxy, the fine details of what he discussed aligned perfectly with Dynatrace and how our software intelligence platform operates.

Synergy of physics and Dynatrace

When Brian Cox asked the question “Can we see things that are so far away in time, near the Big Bang?” most would answer no, but Brian showed us the answer is in fact yes.

He explained the first step to understanding the complexities we face in our environments is to visualize the data, end-to-end, as he demonstrated using an image of our galaxy.

Compared to the galaxy image provided by Brian, our Smartscape enables our customers to have that visualization in the same way. And, once that visualization of the customers’ environment is there – showing what applications are running inside it, how each one is operating and what impact this has – we can then determine the root cause to the problem’s customers are facing, and even replay actions in the environment with our enhanced 4k capabilities.

The winning formula

Brian then demonstrated that whilst the universe’s data sets may look complex at a glance, they are easily simplified with the right, winning formula. Showing Einstein’s formula for the force of gravity, Brian walked through exactly how you can simplify the complexities of the universe into something understandable.

Similarly, Dynatrace holds the same approach to analysis and simplification – just using different elements. The Dynatrace platform is now built with enhanced deterministic AI, automation, openness and intelligence to simplify the complexities of data sets customers face in their cloud environments.

And that’s the synergy between physics and Dynatrace and data. Once simplified, the complex environment doesn’t seem so complex anymore. And with Dynatrace, we can help simplify the complexities of the cloud world.

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