Simplification of IIS .NET services

When monitoring a .NET web application hosted by an IIS, Dynatrace showed you both the IIS service and the .NET service as separate services. We’ve now introduced a more stream-lined approach to monitoring .NET apps that are hosted on an IIS web server.

Historically you would see IIS and ASP.NET separately:




The previous approach to monitoring .NET web apps was somewhat inconvenient. For example an IIS service might only ever call a .NET service and nothing else, thereby making the separation superfluous. What’s more, an IIS alone doesn’t offer much in terms of deep analysis (method hotspots, or failures) and always indicates the .NET service as the cause of problems. We’ve therefore decided to combine such scenarios into a single service, as shown below:


Notice that the service has a slightly different logo, indicating its unique nature., which enables full code-level analysis. Response time analysis down to the method and SQL level, failure analysis down to exceptions, and of course method hotspots for CPU consumption are now possible. All your IIS services are now richer because they include the .NET component.

Another benefit is that, if you’re a .NET shop, the number of services you need to monitor is cut in half!

Note: .NET services that only existed as part of an IIS will no longer show new monitoring data, as they are folded into the respective IIS service. Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them at If you have feedback regarding this change, or you’re not happy with it, click the Chat icon on the Dynatrace menu bar and let us know. We can adjust the configuration of your environment if necessary.