Dynatrace Agent release notes for version 1.97

Docker Device Mapper driver support

For disks managed by Docker Device Mapper, we now report crucial metrics such as data/metadata space used and data/metadata space total.

Security Gateway

VMware monitoring: Improved handling of connectivity problems to vCenter Server.

AWS tag-based monitoring: Improved RDS tagging


Apache metrics are back for Apache 2.4.20 +. Because of internal changes from the Apache group for Apache 2.4.20+, Dynatrace was not able to access web server metrics like Requests, Traffic, Response size, or Busy workers. Agent 1.97 fixes this issue and the metrics are working again.

Azure Web Apps improvements

For details, see Dynatrace monitoring for Azure Web Apps

Log analytics

Change to rotated log file naming convention

We’ve changed how rotated (i.e., archived) log files are displayed in Dynatrace. Now, each numeric field that is surrounded by non-alphanumeric characters is masked with a hash symbol (#). Note that old file paths remain visible in the UI for 72 hours following the upgrade to Dynatrace Agent 1.97. Clicking these links following the upgrade will result in a display of a “file not found” message.

Node.js v6 support now available

PHP 7 beta

For details see Beta availability of PHP 7 support

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