Dynatrace Agent release notes for version 1.95


  • Monitoring of Websphere PMI metrics and the ability to use PMI plugins
  • Support for Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

Log Analytics

Dynatrace is proud to introduce its new hot functionality – Log Analytics. With Agent version 1.95 or higher customers have direct access to all log’s content for their mission critical processes, can quickly find interesting log messages and automatically correlate them with problems detected by other parts of Dynatrace’s monitoring instrumentation. Log content can be filtered by keywords, time range and single or multiple log files can be analyzed at once, regardless if they exist on one or many hosts. Read more about Log Analytics.

To enable Log Analytics:

  • Already installed agents only: open up log content access by setting a config flag on your monitored hosts.
  • Turn the functionality on in Settings > Monitoring > Monitored Technologies.
  • Make sure that all non-admin users have “View log” permission set for respective Dynatrace environments.


  • monitoring of ASP.NET life cycle, See What’s new about Life cycle events.
  • Support for SQL-Server Aliases

Security Gateway

  • Improved installation process for Security Gateway running on Linux. In case upgrade fails, Security Gateway is restored from the previous, working version.

Support for Nginx 1.9.12 to 1.9.15

Dynatrace now supports Nginx versions 1.9.12 thru 1.9.15 (support for versions 1.10 and 1.11 is also available). See supported web servers for full details.

Guido is a Director, Product Management at Dynatrace with a technical background in developing enterprise software and monitoring solutions. Guido looks after a wide range of Dynatrace technologies, from OneAgent to the UI. He's always looking for ways of improving product usability and simplifying the complexities of APM.