Dynatrace Agent release notes for version 1.71

Dynatrace Agent improvements and fixes

  • Support for garbage collection suspension in .NET
  • Support to track CPU usage of garbage collection in .NET and Java
  • Support for Exception detection in Node.js
  • New process level metrics:
    • Responsiveness: available from process dashboard’s central click box
    • TCP requests: added to Traffic tab from process dashboard’s network click box
    • Handshake and ACK round trip times: available in Quality tab
    • Response throughput: also added in Quality tab
  • These metrics are measured for all processes using TCP to accept and respond to network requests.

Docker Beta Support

With Dynatrace Agent 1.71 we are introducing Docker Beta support. You need to enable Docker support in the host settings – see the screenshot below. Once Docker support is enabled just restart the Docker containers running on this host and Dynatrace will automatically monitor all processes running inside the containers – without changing the containers’ image or modifying start-up scripts.

Security Gateway improvements and fixes

Support for VMware vSphere 6.0

Guido is a Director, Product Management at Dynatrace with a technical background in developing enterprise software and monitoring solutions. Guido looks after a wide range of Dynatrace technologies, from OneAgent to the UI. He's always looking for ways of improving product usability and simplifying the complexities of APM.