Recorder enhancements for clickpath web checks

We’ve introduced two enhancements to the Dynatrace recorder that improve the process of recording clickpath web checks and also promote the privacy of recorded data.

Locked input fields

During recording, all detected password-protected fields are locked automatically (see the Locked text value field below). Text field values are locked and encrypted locally as well as when they are run from any of our 13 global locations. Keypress actions within recorded clickpaths now offer the option of locking and unlocking the values within recorded text fields.

recorder enhancements

To edit a Locked text value you must first unlock the input field by clicking the padlock button.

Note: Unlocking a locked field erases any pre-existing text value in the field.

Recorder enhancements

Cleared cookies for local recording and validation

We’ve also enhanced the clickpath recording and playback experience. The Dynatrace recorder now offers a “cleared cookies” option for opening web applications locally. This allows you to record and playback web applications as if you were a new user—just as we do for our global locations when executing web checks. This feature is currently enabled by default. If for some reason your web application runs into issues with this feature, you can disable it by editing the clickpath.

Recorder enhancements