Quick Start Package for dynaTrace AJAX Edition

As the Community Lead for Dynatrace and dynaTrace AJAX I get a lot of similar questions when users first start using Dynatrace. Here is a quick summary of the most frequently asked questions users asked, and problems they reported. This should be useful for all Dynatrace users out there:

dynaTrace Registration and Downloads

Problem: From time to time it happens that users either don’t get their confirmation emails or get a permission denied message when accessing /platform/digital-experience-monitoring/.

Solution: check your spam folders or try re-registering again. If that doesn’t help simply send us an email through the Contact Form and we will solve the problem.

Documentation on Dynatrace AJAX Edition

Question: Where do I find documentation on the Dynatrace AJAX Edition or where do I go if I have questions?

Answer: You can ask and find most answers on the dynaTrace AJAX Community Pages. Also check out the recorded Walkthrough Webinar that explains all features of Dynatrace AJAX Edition 2.0. The Dynatrace blog offers many AJAX related topics with Best Practices and Real Life Web 2.0 Performance Analysis samples.

Troubles getting Dynatrace AJAX to work

Problem: Dynatrace AJAX either doesn’t start up, it is not recording any activities or it only records certain activities of the browser. What is wrong?

Solution: We collected all problems users had in the past and compiled a Troubleshooting Guide. The two major issues why it is not working correctly are: security restrictions of Windows or Internet Explorer and other Internet Explorer Add-Ons that conflict with the Dynatrace AJAX Edition Add-On.

dynaTrace AJAX End User License Agreement

Question: Based on your EULA I am not sure whether I can use the AJAX Edition on my live web sites. Is it allowed?

Answer: Dynatrace AJAX Edition is a free tool that can be used to analyze ANY website – whether in the development, testing or production stage. What we do not allow is to resell and redistribute Dynatrace AJAX Edition. If you have additional questions on the EULA let us know through the Contact Form.

Website behaves differently when Dynatrace is enabled

Problem: When Dynatrace AJAX is tracing the website it sometimes happens that pages produce JavaScript errors that do not happen without Dynatrace AJAX

Solution: Try disabling some of the recording options in the preference dialog such as Tag asynchronous HTTP Requests or Capture calls into DOM. In any case, let us know about this problem through the Found a bug toolbar button.

Full End-to-End Monitoring with Dynatrace

Question: How can I analyze the full end-to-end transaction starting from the browser all the way back to the database?

Answer: This scenario requires Dynatrace running on your application server in order to see a full End-To-End PurePath starting from a mouse click in the browser all the way back to your database. The next version of Dynatrace will also combine the capabilities of Dynatrace AJAX with Dynatrace APM and provide this to you through a single user interface.

The future of Dynatrace and Web 2.0

We are soon going to release Dynatrace AJAX 2.0 which has been out in Beta for several months now. Some of the improvements include export to HAR, upload to any instance of ShowSlow.com and additional performance analysis. Stay tuned for the announcements and also the announcements of the next version of Dynatrace APM which also includes Web 2.0 features targeted for test automation and development team collaboration.

Thanks for everyone who participates in the community. Regularly check out the Dynatrace Community Portal and the Dynatrace Forums.


Andreas (Andi) Grabner

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