Process group tile makes DevOps easy!

Our new Process group tile provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of all your business-critical processes. A dedicated Process group tile can now be set up for each process group in your environment, enabling you to analyze entire sets of processes that perform the same function across multiple hosts.

Now, directly from your homepage, you can view all the process metrics that interest you, for example web server counters like Busy threads and requests. You can even set up a tile to track packet Retransmissions. The example below shows several tiles that have been set up to monitor various metrics for Apache Web Server processes running on different hosts. With this approach you can see at a glance which of the Apache process’ instances consume the most resources—CPU, memory, or bandwidth.

Process group tile

To create a tile for a process group:

  1. From your homepage, click the Add tile button.
  2. Select Infrastructure from the list on the left.
  3. Select a Process group type.
  4. Select the Process group you want to monitor.
  5. Select a Metric to track from the list:
    • System performance metrics (e.g., CPU usage and Memory usage)
    • Advanced network metrics (e.g., Data round-trip time and Retransmissions)
    • Technology-specific counters (e.g., Tomcat web requests and response size)

Process group tile

But that’s not all! If you’ve built a custom JMX monitoring extension, you can display those metrics right on your homepage using the new Process group tile.