Presenting dynaTrace AJAX Edition at SpeedGeeks in LA

Shopzilla and Steve Souders are hosting the SpeedGeeks event in Los Angeles on Monday, October 26th. It is a half day event with sessions focused on web development and site architecture techniques including talks from Steve Souders, Phil Dixon (Shopzilla), Paddy Hannon (Edmunds), Gavin Doughtie (Google), Morten Bagai (Heroku), Jeremy Custenborder, Yadid Ramot, Chris Bissell (all 3 from MySpace) and Randy Stafford (Oracle), Andreas Grabner (Dynatrace).

The topic of my session is “Trace Down JavaScript & AJAX Performance in IE”. I will talk about how to analyze Web Site Performance focusing on JavaScript execution, AJAX (XHR) requests, DOM Access, Network roundtrips and Browser Rendering time using the Free Dynatrace AJAX Edition. Since we started offering our AJAX Edition I worked with several companies and helped them to identify their performance problems on their public facing web sites. I am going to share some of the things we’ve seen as I am sure that many of you out there face similar problems.

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