Enhanced PostgreSQL monitoring (beta)

Announcing beta availability of enhanced Dynatrace PostgreSQL monitoring! PostgreSQL monitoring with Dynatrace provides you with deep visibility into the performance of your PostgreSQL databases.

Captured PostgreSQL metrics are displayed on each PostgreSQL Process pages. Click the infographic or the PostgreSQL metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details.


PostgreSQL monitoring metrics

Active connections Number of active connections to all databases running under PostgreSQL
Buffer hit Number of times disk blocks were found in buffer cache so that a read was not necessary (only includes hits in the PostgreSQL buffer cache, not the OS file system cache)
Cache hits ratio Percentage of accesses that result in cache hits
Block reads Number of disk blocks read in the database per second
Rows returned by index scans Number of live rows fetched by index scans
Rows updated Number of rows updated by queries in the database per second
Rows inserted Number of rows inserted by queries in the database per second
Rows deleted Number of rows deleted by queries in the database per second
Rows returned by sequential scans Number of sequential scans fetched on the table per second
Index scans Number of index scans initiated on the table per second
Commits Number of transactions committed to the database per second
Rollbacks Number of rolled-back transactions in the database per second


  • OneAgent v1.85 (or higher)
  • PostgreSQL 9.x

To enable PostgreSQL monitoring globally:

  1. Open the navigation menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Monitored technologies.
  3. Type in your PostgreSQL server Database name, User, and Password credentials.
    No special privileges are required, just a user “Can login” privileges.
  4. Set the PostgreSQL switch to On to enable monitoring with the extension.
  5. Click Save.
    Dynatrace will verify if the credentials are valid and begin collecting PostgreSQL metrics.

Note: With PostgreSQL monitoring enabled globally, when a new host running PostgreSQL is detected in your environment, Dynatrace automatically collects PostgreSQL metrics, assuming that the same credentials are used by the PostgreSQL server or a new DB.

Enabling PostgreSQL monitoring only for specific hosts

Dynatrace also allows you to enable PostgreSQL monitoring for specific hosts rather than globally. To do this, first disable the global PostgreSQL monitoring setting explained above. Then click the Host settings link and select a host you want to start PostgreSQL monitoring on.  Follow the same steps as for global config.