Porsche Informatik Hits the Gas on Digital Transformation with Red Hat OpenShift and the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform

Certified for Red Hat OpenShift, Dynatrace is now available on the Red Hat Marketplace for customers to try, buy, and deploy, to manage their enterprise applications and infrastructure across their dynamic multi-cloud environments.

This post originally appeared on the Red Hat Marketplace Blog.

As the operator of 160 digital solutions for millions of car dealers and importers across 30 countries, Porsche Informatik is one of the automotive industry’s leading digital capabilities providers. Under intense pressure to transform in response to digitization trends and rising consumer expectations, Porsche Informatik needed a way to push its leading edge – to innovate faster, drastically reduce their time to market, and enhance the overall user experience.

That’s where Red Hat OpenShift came into play. As Porsche Informatik migrated from a monolithic environment to a containerized, hybrid-cloud landscape, OpenShift facilitated greater agility and scalability of their Kubernetes-orchestrated DevOps projects, boosting both the company’s ability to innovate and reduce time to market.

Driving a customer-centric approach with Red Hat OpenShift

When Porsche Informatik shifted to its hybrid-cloud architecture, it forced them to evolve from providing distributor-focused solutions to customer-focused ones.

Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform empowered Porsche Informatik to begin orchestrating end-customer applications and support application development with robust integrations of continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. This orchestration allowed them to deliver new solutions into customers’ hands faster compared to legacy applications.

In fact, by leveraging OpenShift as its leading developer platform for building and deploying new apps and services, Porsche Informatik’s customers cut time to market for new apps by 90%. It also meant that the customers who rely on Porsche Informatik’s digital solutions have been able to stand up new applications and services faster, speeding up the delivery of enhanced digital user experiences.

Accelerating DevOps processes and innovations via intelligent observability

Porsche Informatik needed a way to manage the complexity and scale of its dynamic, containerized operations. That’s when they turned to Dynatrace to get precise answers about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and all users’ experience. Dynatrace enabled Porsche Informatik’s digital teams to innovate faster, collaborate more efficiently, and deliver more value with dramatically less effort.

“Dynatrace’s unique approach to AI-powered monitoring in the cloud gives us true visibility into our OpenShift environment, so we can fully understand the user experience,” – Manfred Immitzer, Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer, Porsche Informatik.

Using real-time, automatic intelligence from the Dynatrace platform and its AI-engine, Davis®, Porsche Informatik can draw on AI-assisted answers and user-session analyses to optimize code in real-time and deploy innovations more quickly. Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability into cloud-native applications running on OpenShift enhances Porsche Informatik’s DevOps processes by providing teams with instantaneous feedback and real-time user session analysis. That allows DevOps to quickly optimize full-stack application performance, reduce mean-time-to-resolution by 80%, accelerate cycle times for new features and services, and create more reliable digital user experiences.

All Red Hat OpenShift users can now benefit from Dynatrace

As a launch partner in the Red Hat Marketplace, organizations running Red Hat OpenShift can now access the benefits of Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability, continuous automation, and AI-assistance for managing hybrid, multi-cloud environments and empowering ITOps, DevOps, SRE, and digital experience teams to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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