The biggest reasons to get fired up about Dynatrace Perform 2018

We’re less than two weeks away from our flagship event Perform 2018, and in the final throws of pulling together all of the content. It’s fair to say that I’m even more excited about 2018 than I was for 2017!

Haven’t registered yet? Better be quick – the hotel rooms are nearly all booked out!

Here are three big reasons to be excited

1. The Mainstage is PHENOMENAL 

We’ve been struggling to find space for all of the mainstage content…there’s so much good stuff. Here’s a sneak peak:

  • You want to learn about building and maintaining a cloud? Let’s talk about a really big one with SAP sharing their new cloud platform strategy;
  • Hear how Dynatrace helps coffee lovers get their fix with Starbucks;
  • Or maybe you want to see how the other half live with luxury British retailer Harrods;
  • Virgin Money will share how it’s possible that even the most skeptical IT Operations team can be blown away by Dynatrace AI;
  • Sita + Dynatrace = never lose another bag. Gosh, that’s music to my ears.

2. Dynatrace innovation: “Slow down everyone, you’re moving to fast” – Jack Johnson

The biggest issue I have as a marketing leader at Dynatrace is trying to pack all of our innovation into just an hour or so. Do I dare share? OK, can’t tell you everything, but look out for:

  • Session Replay: see all of your users in HD video
  • Log Analytics: see more, see it all.
  • Our AI engine just got smarter with the ability to pull in more data. How is that possible? You’re about to find out.
  • Serverless monitoring – because all the cool kids build apps without servers these days.
  • Cloud application monitoring: yes, we’re talking about the enterprise apps we all use for business processing, marketing automation and sales operations of which we can’t see the performance. Well, we can now.
  • IoT monitoring – because the new apps are everywhere.

3. It’s all about you – from the basement to the boardroom

Maybe this year’s theme should be, ‘Get yourself a promotion: go from the basement to the boardroom with Dynatrace’? (I couldn’t help myself with a typical IT pun).

2,000 attendees from more than 50 countries. Learn from you peers, work with our product management in 1:1 sessions to discuss your roadmap, get certified, and bring digital transformation value back into your organisation.

Haven’t registered? Better be quick.


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