Optum talks about their future state with Dynatrace

At Perform 2018, Optum walked us through their APM journey, explaining how they are changing the way they do agent-based solutions.

Optum shared an overview of their technology – web, app, database, mainframe, platform – all these with 100 critical business applications and thousands of middle tier applications. Optum began their journey with AppMon, which set itself up to be a war room hero to solve problems. While AppMon did a good job in establishing itself in that space, complexity led to Optum adding multiple monitoring tools, all doing the same thing. Optum decided they needed to take a different approach.  Enter Spyglass.

Spyglass is Optum’s application initiative of doing end-to-end monitoring. This helps them in an extremely competitive marketplace with:

  • Net promoter score (gauges customers overall satisfaction)
  • Supply chain (map out dependency chains and get answers)

Driven by technology and business leaders at Optum, Spyglass moves from a reactive to proactive state.  This allowed for Dynatrace to be implemented over other solutions and displace the competition with the ability to get deeper and more actionable data:

  • 100% transaction tracing
  • Mainframe monitoring
  • Transaction tracing

As Optum moves to a big data solution, they are looking at Dynatrace for the future.  Optum credits OpenShift for bringing a whole new idea to their APM solutioning.  With the ability to scale and the highest quality data, Dynatrace is built for hybrid multi-cloud and dynamic microservices environments.  Optum looks forward to the following benefits Dynatrace will bring to their organization:

  • Full stack, robust, easy integrations
  • Top down, AI detailed with sculpted views

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