OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.117



  • Support for Mongo Async driver


  • .NET Core Beta support for Windows


  • Redis support


  • Support for Nginx Plus R12 was added

General improvements and fixes

  • Injection into Docker 1.12+ installed from RPM
  • Support for Fedora 25
  • Detection of Couchbase, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, and Riak based on code paths (only from the -pa command line parameter, not the ERL_LIBS environment variable)
  • Docker plugin support for 1.13.1
  • For Docker processes, visibility of the inside-container port instead of the exposed port
  • Agent Installer Certificate is now also verified in backup ROOT CA

OneAgent for Android

  • Support for user tagging
    • Within your Android Java project, use the following OneAgent ADK call to tag a user:

      Use the following Gradle command to add the Dynatrace mobile OneAgent ADK to your project during compile process:

     compile Dynatrace.agent()
  • OkHttp 3 Support
  • Improved multidex instrumentation

OneAgent for iOS

  • Support for user tagging
    • Within Swift, use the following ADK call to tag a user:

      Within Objective-C, use the following OneAgent ADK call to tag a user:

     [Dynatrace identifyUser:<username>];
  • Support for cost control (customer-enabled session sampling)

Security Gateway

  • Private Security Gateway runs in multi-tenant mode
  • Improved handling of OneAgent traffic in cases of temporary network outages
  • Improved diagnostic logs