OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes for version 105


Real user monitoring

  • Support for the new Forwarded HTTP Extension Internet standard is now available. This is an HTTP extension header field that allows
    proxy components to disclose information lost in the proxying
    process. This is useful for identifying client IP addresses. For full details, see
  • A new check has been introduced that confirms that auto-injected real user monitoring works at a specified URL: http(s)://<your host>/rb_<ID>?type=check

    This URL template can be used to verify that a browser beacon is correctly passing your infrastructure data (load balancer, firewall, etc). 
    The <ID> placeholder must be replaced with your environment ID. The result should resemble the following: state=ok&agentType=nginx&agentVersion=

    If you see state=ok, then you know that OneAgent is running on your web server or application server and that it is correctly processing the beacons sent from your customers’ browsers.

Platform Support

  • Support for musl-libc based Java and Nginx processes on Alpine Linux containers is now in early access. To try it for yourself, join the early access program.


  • Accurate reporting of third-party agents within monitored processes
  • Detection of Elasticsearch clusters as standalone process groups
  • Performance optimizations for numerous technologies


  • Support for webMethods Web services
  • Support for Apache Async HTTP
  • Performance improvements


  • ASP.NET – Improved error detection for WebApi errors.
  • ASP.NET – Fixed a problem that led to incorrect method hotspots and showed too many IIS Internals.
  • ADO.NET – Generic connection pool support (added support for MySQL and PostgreSQL).
  • ADO.NET – Fixed asynchronous handling of result processing (this led to too many service calls being shown on database pages).
  • ASP.Net Core – Improved service detection.


Security Gateway

  • A new Low datastore space problem type for VMware monitoring has been introduced. For full details, see our blog post.

Guido is a Director, Product Management at Dynatrace with a technical background in developing enterprise software and monitoring solutions. Guido looks after a wide range of Dynatrace technologies, from OneAgent to the UI. He's always looking for ways of improving product usability and simplifying the complexities of APM.