OneAgent, Security Gateway, & OneAgent for iOS/Android release notes (version 107)


  • OneAgent log analytics now supports the Docker logging framework, making it possible to access all Docker container log data related to specific applications (i.e., process groups). Log files for processes that write to standard input/output errors and that run in containers that use the default Docker json-logging driver are also available for analysis in the Dynatrace Log viewer.  Docker container logs can now be downloaded from the Log files tab on related Process pages. Container image names and IDs, as well as output types, are available with each log entry. All Log Analytics functionality—including searching, grouping, bookmarking, and event detection—is now fully supported within Docker environments.


  • Improved reporting of technologies used by monitored .NET processes.
  • ASP.NET Core services now report application IDs and context roots.


  • Queue support for IBM MQSeries.


  • Support for OpenResty Nginx builds.

Security Gateway

  • Fixed handling of OneAgent requests (Dynatrace Managed only).

OneAgent for iOS and Android

Dynatrace OneAgent for iOS and Android release 6.5.5 introduces some changes to Gradle and CocoaPods support.

  • Support for Gradle version 2.2.2.
    A new instrumentation configuration must be used to instrument using the new Gradle version 2.2.2 plugin:
    buildscript {
        dependencies {
            classpath ''
            classpath ''

    apply plugin: ''
    dynatrace {
        defaultConfig {
            applicationId 'YOUR_APP_ID'
            environmentId 'YOUR_ENV_ID'
  • The Cocoapod specification has been rebranded to Dynatrace. It now supports both Dynatrace SaaS/Managed and Dynatrace AppMon. Just use the new Dynatrace pod instead of the deprecated Dynatrace specification, as shown below:
     pod 'Dynatrace'
  • Dynatrace OneAgent for iOS now officially supports iOS 10.

Guido is a Director, Product Management at Dynatrace with a technical background in developing enterprise software and monitoring solutions. Guido looks after a wide range of Dynatrace technologies, from OneAgent to the UI. He's always looking for ways of improving product usability and simplifying the complexities of APM.