OneAgent release notes for version 101

ASP.NET Core (beta)

ASP.NET Core support for .NET Framework 4.x is now in beta. ASP.NET Core processes that are IIS-hosted are monitored automatically. For non-IIS-hosted processes, simply enable monitoring for the .NET processes and then restart them. You’ll then see response times, method level details, as well as database activity for your ASP.NET Core application.

Real user monitoring and Web servers

  • IBM HTTP Server
    • Support for IBM HTTP Server v9 (IHS 9) is now available
  • Nginx
    • Nginx versions 1.11.2 and 1.11.3 are now supported. See supported web servers for full details.
    • Nginx Plus R10 support is now available
    • We’ve resolved an issue that caused Nginx to produce segfaults when modules were loaded dynamically.
  • JavaScript frameworks
    • Auto-detection of user actions for AngularJS 2 applications is now available with the latest version of the Dynatrace real user monitoring JavaScript library.

Alex is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has deep experience gleaned from the earliest days of web development, performance, and analytics for online businesses. He is the expert for real user monitoring at Dynatrace.