OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.167



  • Support for shaded AHC 2.x in Play 2.6+
  • Starting with OneAgent 1.167, OneAgent SDK for Java (version 1.7.0) supports the tracing of database requests.



  • Added support for ioredis (Beta).


  • Added support for Go 1.12.
  • Added support for Alpine Linux and musl libc for Go processes in containers.

General improvements

  • We’re improving the resiliency and automation of OneAgent deployment with each release. There is a large improvement for Windows coming soon. In preparation for the new architecture, we’ve changed how OneAgent is deployed on Windows via MSI files. Read more about this change in the OneAgent for Windows announcement.
  • Starting with OneAgent version 1.167, only users who have the OneAgent deployment privilege will be allowed to change the OneAgent monitoring modes between Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring mode and Full-stack mode. For more information about monitoring modes, see Get started with infrastructure monitoring.
  • This previous version of OneAgent for AIX introduced improved detection of IP addresses for network interfaces. With the latest release, Dynatrace now reports all IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Dynatrace allows you to use environment variables to control deep process monitoring. The Process monitoring rules now provide a new condition Environment variable that allows for specifying arbitrary environment variables for injection decisions.

OneAgent support changes

Dynatrace OneAgent support of the following platforms and components will be discontinued within the next 6 months:

  • Oracle Hotspot JVM v10 (non‑LTS)—Oracle discontinued Premium Support in September 2018. Please consult the Oracle support matrix for further details.
    OneAgent version 1.169 will be the last version that supports Oracle Hotspot JVM v10.
  • OpenJDK v10 (non‑LTS)—Oracle discontinued Premium Support in September 2018. Red Hat, the primary supporter of OpenJDK, has never officially supported OpenJDK v10.
    OneAgent version 1.169 will be the last version that supports OpenJDK v10.
  • PHP 5.6 support has been extended and will reach end of life in November 2019.
  • PCF PAS version v2.2.x—(Pivotal support for this version ended in April 2019. Please consult Pivotal’s support matrix for further details.)
    OneAgent version 1.171 will be the last version that supports PCF version 2.2.x.

Cloud Platform support


  • We’re happy to announce full support for automated monitoring of AWS Fargate applications including deep code-level visibility and automated distributed tracing.
  • We’ve reviewed the AWS monitoring IAM policy, expanded all wildcards onto separate items, and removed redundant access.

Cloud Foundry

  • Dynatrace fully supports Pivotal Cloud Foundry PAS version 2.5. You’ll find further details about the Dynatrace support model for Pivotal Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring in Dynatrace Help. Please note that Pivotal Cloud Foundry PAS 2.5 requires the OneAgent BOSH release version 1.2.1.
  • We’re happy to announce the general availability of Cloud Foundry monitoring integration. This blog post provides an overview of the available Dynatrace Cloud Foundry monitoring capabilities.


Other changes

For important bug fixes and other changes, as well as previous release notes, see the release changelog.