Notification settings & performance thresholds for web checks

We at Dynatrace understand that everyone monitors the availability of their sites a little differently. Some users want to be notified about every failure that occurs while others are only interested in widespread outages. We’re now placing the power in your hands. You can now customize when and how you’re notified of outages.

Outage notification settings

When creating or updating a web check, you now have a few notification options to choose from.

To configure notification settings for web checks:

  1. Click the Web checks tile on the  Dynatrace homepage.
  2. Click Add web check in the menu bar.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions for creating a basic availability web check or a clickpath web check.
  4. Halfway down the Configure web check settings page you’ll see two Outage detection settings.
    1. The first setting (enabled by default for newly created web checks) generates a notification when all locations experience a simultaneous outage.
    2. The second setting allows you to (1) select the number of locations across which simultaneous outages trigger a notification and (2) select the number of consecutive occurrences that must occur before a notification is sent. For example, “Alert if 3/5locations are unable to access my web application 2 times consecutively” will notify you if 3 of 5 locations are unable to access your site through two rounds of consecutive executions.
    3. You can also turn off both settings entirely if, for example, you’re testing a volatile site or have scheduled downtime.
      Performance thresholds

Performance threshold settings

Keeping an eye on your site’s performance is another crucial aspect of monitoring because end users don’t like slow sites. This is why Dynatrace availability monitoring enables you to be proactive about site latency. Performance thresholds are turned off by default, but you can set up a unique threshold rule for any user action, or for the complete load time of all actions included in your web check. If one of your performance thresholds is breached in any one of your monitored locations, a problem will be generated for tracking and root-cause analysis.

Performance thresholds

Performance threshold violations are shown on the timeline of each web check details page.

performance thresholds