Nothing was stirring – Performance for Week 3, Holiday Shopping 2012

As with the previous two weeks, there has been no bad or unfortunate news for the web and mobile performance of US retailers. Even on Green Monday, this week’s named shopping event, performance remained consistent and allowed eCommerce spending to reach $1.275 billion according to comScore, up 13% over the same day last year. And, to support this spending, FedEx prepared to move 19 million packages on Green Monday.

The mobile homepages of the retailers tracked by Compuware continue to show consistent, day-over-day response times during the November 22 – December 13 period. However, consistency doesn’t mean speed – the 5 fastest pages had response times that ranged from 3.4 to 6.1 seconds, with the remainder of the pages reporting response times between 6.1 and 36.0 seconds. The primary factor driving mobile homepage response times is page size – 8 of the top 10 fastest pages have page sizes of less than 150,000 bytes while the 5 slowest pages all have a sizes greater than 500,000 bytes. This will have to be

As we head into the final 10 days of the holiday shopping season, revenue and performance data suggest that this has been the most successful holiday season for US eCommerce on record. The desire to increase traffic and sales during this period has spread spread globally, with the Google sponsored Great Online Shopping Festival on December 12. In a market that is just starting to adopt eCommerce, the festival was a success, with one retailer reporting online sales up 120%, while others reported cart sizes that were 3X over normal and  traffic from new visitors up 70%.

Over the next week, we will watch continue to watch performance and retail data from the US eCommerce holiday season home stretch. As a reminder, for those of you who may have forgotten, December 20 is the last possible day for 2-day shipping from Amazon and most other retailers.

Five Fastest Mobile – November 22 – December 13 2012

  1. Office Depot
  2. Williams-Sonoma
  3. Barnes and Noble
  5. Home Shopping Network

Five Fastest Mobile – November 22 – December 13 2012

  1. Apple
  2. Costco
  3. Dell
  4. LL Bean
  5. Overstock