Analyze Node.js errors down to the code level

Beginning with OneAgent v1.73, Dynatrace provides root cause analysis for Node.js errors down to the code level. As with other services, Dynatrace marks web requests to Node.js as failed based on the accompanying HTTP error code.

Simply click the Failure rate portion of any Node.js service infographic to view the Failure analysis chart. If you have failures, click the View details of failures button to see which requests failed along with an overview of failure reasons sorted by HTTP code. You can select a single request to focus on.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the exceptions that are the root causes of the selected failure and request. Click any Details button to view a list of exception messages and associated stacktraces.

Dynatrace doesn’t simply show you a list of exceptions. As you can see below, Dynatrace shows you the root causes. For example, all failed requests to /error-4 were caused by a single exception in a single line of code!

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