Dynatrace newsletter: Optimizing Mesos clusters & upcoming conferences!

Welcome to the May issue of the Dynatrace newsletter! We’re excited to highlight some new Dynatrace features and upcoming events for you!

Dynatrace simplifies Mesos cluster management!
With the launch of DC/OS, Mesos has made the adoption of containerization orders of magnitude easier. But what about visibility into the applications you deploy on your Mesos clusters? Dynatrace enables deep visibility into Mesos clusters with real usage data so you can optimize resource and capacity management.
Read more about Mesos cluster management with Dynatrace!

Planning a cloud migration project?
Thorough preparation ensures that your cloud migration project succeeds without a hitch. Dynatrace supports cloud migration projects by visualizing the dependencies and deployments in dynamic environments – all in real-time.
Read how Dynatrace insights facilitate cloud migration projects.

Missed our webinar on Web Monitoring: Measuring and Improving Your Customer’s Experience?
If you missed our webinar exploring how website performance impacts your digital business, hosted by Solutions Engineer, Wayne Segar, you can watch the webinar recording here!

Attending the Cloud Foundry Summit or Mesos Con?
Planning to attend either of these shows? If so, be sure to drop by the Dynatrace booth and say hello to the team. You can even try your luck with our prize wheel and a chance to win some cool prizes!

  • Cloud Foundry Summit, booth 203
  • MesosCon, booth P3

See you in the cloud!

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