Dynatrace newsletter: Network monitoring for DevOps & database error analysis!

Welcome to the February Dynatrace newsletter! Our team has been researching monitoring challenges for DevOps teams, and we’re excited to share the findings with you!

3 levels of network monitoring for DevOps
Basic network interface statistics like received and sent traffic aren’t as useful as they once were because multiple microservices may share the same network interface. DevOps teams now need to dig deeper and correlate network-traffic metrics with individual processes.
Read more on how deep the network monitoring rabbit hole goes.

New feature! Failure analysis of database errors
In response to your feedback, Dynatrace now enables you to analyze the reasons behind database errors! Get a detailed view from any database Services page.
Learn more about Dynatrace failure analysis of database errors.

What’s it like to be a Dynatrace customer? BARBRI, Inc. tells all!
With New Relic, the BARBRI team never got the full picture of their production environment, so there were limits to what they could achieve. Since switching, “[they] get way more from Dynatrace than [they] did from New Relic… and with an even better pricing model.”
Read more on how BARBRI uses Dynatrace!

Demystify anomaly detection with our free e-book!
Your monitoring tool should notify you of anomalous performance problems early enough that you can resolve them before they affect your customers. Download our free e-book to learn how you can do this.
Download your free copy of “Anomaly Detection for Monitoring!”

Recent webinar on Understanding User Behavior: Not just a response time
Missed our webinar on user behavior analytics? No problem- here’s a recording of our webinar for your convenience!

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