Dynatrace newsletter: Awards and industry recognition

Welcome to the February Dynatrace newsletter! Dynatrace received awards from TechTarget and IT Central Station last week! We’re excited to share the details with you!

TechTarget names Dynatrace ‘Best DevOps Tool’ (honorable mention)
Here’s a sampling of the accolades Dynatrace received: “Very easy to use for DevOps projects”; “Deep visibility even in production, with low overhead”; “Key in providing full stack visibility.”
Read more about TechTarget’s recognition of Dynatrace!

Dynatrace receives highest rating from IT Central Station!
IT Central Station named Dynatrace one of the top APM tools. Dynatrace even received the highest overall customer rating!

Thanks to our team members and the monitoring heroes and heroines who continue to make Dynatrace shine!

Node.js 4 support with heap and garbage collection metrics.
Dynatrace now supports Node.js 4. Dynatrace shows you the heap spaces and garbage collections of all Node.js 4.x processes.
Learn more about Dynatrace support for Node.js 4.

Demystify anomaly detection with our free e-book!
Your monitoring tool should notify you of anomalous performance problems early enough that you can resolve them before they affect your customers. Download our free e-book to learn how you can do this.
Download your free copy of “Anomaly Detection for Monitoring!”

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