News flash: We’re primed for Google Cloud

This week we announced our capabilities for the new Google Cloud platform.

What does this mean? No matter what cloud platform you choose, Dynatrace has got you covered.

So, I thought it might be an opportune time to surface our core capabilities for each of the major cloud platforms:

Google Cloud

Want deep insights from front-end to back-end, cloud infrastructure…and everything in-between?

Within minutes Dynatrace’s unique universal data model understands dependencies across all layers:

  • Real user actions and web UI
  • Applications and databases
  • Containers
  • Log analytics are fully integrated!

More info here.


When it comes to the AWS, we can auto-discover and baseline your full stack in minutes. Out of the box we see each transaction across all tiers – no gaps or blind spots. Drill down from user click into code level or database statement in seconds.

For more on our AWS cloud monitoring capabilities, jump across here.

We’ve also just been announced a proud AWS IOT marketplace launch partner, and one of our technical guys just blogged about that news here.


Is Azure your chosen cloud provider?

Dynatrace is Azure certified and no matter how complex your environment gets, we see it all.

Whether you are using Azure App Services, Cloud Services or ServiceFabric, Dynatrace is fully integrated in your PaaS solution as an Azure Site Extension. No modification of your build pipeline, no manual configuration required.

Learn more about Azure monitoring with Dynatrace.


Our customers using the OpenStack environment tend to tout our AI-powered, full stack capabilities as the best in the world. Why? Mostly because we can do things like this:

  • Automatic identification of oversized, and undersized, workloads and assistance in locating resource bottlenecks
  • A real-time view of all your OpenStack components and the connections between them

More details here if you’re an OpenStack fan.

Or are you using OpenShift, Cloud Foundry or Oracle?

Head to our cloud monitoring pages here to see the full depth and breadth of our cloud and container monitoring capabilities that are sure to set your cloud world on fire.

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