There’s a new kid in town: Node.js monitoring

Dynatrace support for Node.js was promoted to beta status a few days ago, which means that you can now easily monitor your Node.js applications!

The new kid in town: Node.js monitoring

Dynatrace now features automatic monitoring of Node.js applications—all running Node.js applications are now detected automatically. So without any additional cost or configuration effort, your Node.js apps are now automatically monitored and displayed in context with the rest of your environment.

You might think that Node.js is a new technology. Truth is, Node.js is already over five years old. However, old or new, staying up-to-date with your deployments has never been easier. Besides showing you the dependencies between your services and processes, Dynatrace also shows you the state of your current deployment.

smartscape deployment
Deployment of a Node.js application

Having this information readily available saves you countless hours of checking deployments and hosts, in addition to all the other recurring duties you would prefer not to do.

Just to make sure you know: Real User Monitoring with Dynatrace is available to all web technologies, which also includes Node.js.

Welcome home

If you are already monitoring your Java apps with Dynatrace, the following page probably looks familiar to you. This is because Dynatrace isn’t simply an assortment of plugins from different vendors who use varying page layouts and design conventions. Dynatrace provides the same user experience and level of detail for your Node.js apps that it does for all your other applications and services. Monitoring Node.js applications with Dynatrace makes you feel at home right from the start.

service details
Node.js service details

Dynatrace provides you with a list of all Node.js related events that took place during the previous 72 hours. All service related problems are listed along with detailed insight into service execution times.

service execution time
Detailed insight into a service’s degradation

Last but not least, Dynatrace shows all the web requests to your Node.js application.

top web requests
Top web request contributors of a Node.js application

Supported frameworks

Currently, we support Node.js versions 0.8 and 0.10.
The supported web frameworks are:

Activating Node.js

To activate Node.js monitoring, open the host accommodating your Node.js application, click Edit and turn on Enable service monitoring for Node.js.

As we’re still in beta, this screen might change at any time. Well, even if we were not in beta, we’d still be agile and the screen still might change at any time. Let’s put it this way: all and any screenshots in this blog post are just preliminary and are subject to change at any time. For example: we might remove the term Experimental some day.

Please note that you need to have at least OneAgent version 1.57 to see this option. We will enable download of OneAgent version 1.58 for you as soon as it’s available.

If you experience any issues, please contact us. We will look into the issue as soon as possible and as always, fixing any bugs is our highest priority.

Early birds love to give feedback…

… and we love to receive feedback! Our team has worked hard to integrate Node.js monitoring into Dynatrace, but we know our work isn’t finished. Providing you with a cohesive and holistically designed product is our top priority. So please, tell us your findings. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Tell us what works and what doesn’t work.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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