New application-specific “Resources” tile

A new Resources tile is available for inclusion on your Dynatrace homepage. The Resources tile breaks down application-specific resource usage into three categories: CDN resoruces, 3rd party resources, and 1st party resources.

The new Resources tile enhances your real-user monitoring by showing detailed resource-usage metrics for each application. Clicking the Resources tile takes you directly to the Resources section of the performance analysis page of the selected application.

Today’s web applications are commonly built from first-party media and style content that’s delivered internally by your organization, 3rd party content that’s delivered by providers like Facebook and Twitter, and your own content that’s hosted on CDNs to improve load times. As application design has become more sophisticated—and responsive design across all device types and screen resolutions is now a prerequisite—it’s more important than ever to monitor the performance and availability of all the resources that your applications rely on.

For web operators, it’s important to know how many resources are loaded per minute and confirm that CDNs are delivering the correct image sizes and resolutions to the appropriate user devices. Application architects and web developers use these resource counts to avoid overloading users’ available bandwidth.


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