New application and user behavior tiles

Over the past two releases we’ve introduced some new tiles and tile enhancements to assist you in customizing your Dynatrace homepage. There are now nine application-related and business-relevant tiles that you can customize to access real-user metrics for your business-critical applications directly on your Dynatrace homepage.

The 3 most used 3rd party providers tile has some new configuration options that enable you to select from 3rd party providers, CDN, and 1st party providers.

There are three user-behavior tiles you can use to get an overview of user behavior on your Dynatrace homepage and to enable quick access to deeper user-behavior metrics:

  • User behavior tile: Displays number of active sessions with comparison to previous day. Also shows session duration, so you can use this tile to get a first impression of user activity on your application.
  • Users tile: Provides a user-type breakdown for the selected application.
  • Bounce rate tile: Focuses on the first impression of your users. Shows current bounce rate compared to previous day.

Adding new tiles to your  Dynatrace homepage

To add a new tile to your  Dynatrace homepage:

  1. Click the Edit button on your  Dynatrace homepage
  2. Click the Add tile button.
  3. Select the Applications tile filter in the left-hand column.
  4. Select the tile you’re interested in.
  5. (if prompted) Configure the tile.
  6. Click Add tile.

Alternatively, you can now add user-behavior tiles directly from any User behavior detail page. Just click the Pin to home button and select the metric you’re interested in.

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