Midday Cyber Monday – The Bad Taste of Third Party Performance

Based on comments from top Cyber Monday watchers, it’s likely to be one of the busiest online sales days of 2012. However, its continuing relevance may be fading in a world of readily available broadband and mobile Internet access. While it may not be as strong a force in today’s online commerce world, statistics show that it still attracts a lot of attention, driven in measure by the pursuit of that one really good online deal.

As with Black Friday, performance looks good for most retailers, but the third-party provider trend we’ve been discussing all weekend is starting to have a real performance impact on some sites. One major toy retailer is showing a problem retrieving a file from, of all places, Google. While this might normally not cause any concern, it is at the very top of the page and is blocking page content from loading, leaving visitors wondering what’s happening. While it is surprising that the issue originates with Google, it goes to show that bad performance days can happen to anyone.

As of right now, the Fastest 5 Web and Mobile sites (based on homepage) on Cyber Monday, as 11:00 EST are:

Web – Cyber Monday midday:

  1. Apple
  2. Costco
  3. JC Penney
  4. LL Bean
  5. Dell

Mobile – Cyber Monday midday:

  1. Office Depot
  2. Barnes and Noble
  3. Williams-Sonoma
  4. Buy.com
  5. Amazon

Other statistics from Cyber Monday midday include:

Average Page Size

  • Largest Page – 5.4M Bytes
  • Smallest Page – 213,000 Bytes

Average Hosts

  • Most Hosts – 68
  • Fewest Hosts – 1

Average Objects

  • Most Objects – 215
  • Fewest Objects – 21

Our next update will be Tuesday Morning (Nov. 27) to review Cyber Monday data.