Live from VMWorld 2009 – Day 2 – VMware's Cloud Operating System

Tod Nielsen and Paul Maritz hosted the Keynote today at VMWorld 2009 speaking to 12.488 attendees.
Maritz painted the history of virtualization and presented the idea of the Virtual Datacenter where VMware allows you to manage your virtual datacenter – regardless whether deployed internally on your own infrastructure or externally on the infrastructure of a Cloud Service Provider.
The foundation of this is the vSphere 4 Cloud OS allowing you to easily manage and move your deployed applications between your managed virtual data centers. Over 1000 Service Providers world wide have adopted VMware technology in their data centers to provide it to consumers. VMware’s Chargeback product will help with charging consumed computational power and resources to the end-user or to business units hosting their applications on the internal cloud.

Management Tools from VMware and Tool Providers

Through an extended set of APIs VMware Partners have the chance to extend the Infrastructure as well as Application Services of VMware to manage things like Security, Availability, Storage, Network, Performance, … As mentioned in my blog from yesterday – VMware offers new tools for Capacity Planning, Resource Charging, Security, Desaster Recovery, Scalability, …

Cloud Service Providers to run on VMware

1000+ Service Providers are already part of the vCloud Initiative that has been started last year. Still to come is a big announcement this week about several large enterprise service providers that will also use VMware’s technology for their public cloud offerings. It will probably take the availability of trusted public cloud providers using VMware for companies to think about partially moving into the public cloud. In one of the sessions today only a very small percentage raised their hand when asked who is currently using public cloud providers to host their enterprise applications. vSphere 4 will make this easier – but it still takes the availability of robust providers to actually make enterprise hosting in public cloud environments a reality.

Performance and Performance Management

A lot was talked about the overhead and the performance of vSphere – both from a hardware / virtualization perspective as well as from the management and application perspective. New Intel chipsets and a new virtual network appliance from Cisco seem to boost VMware performance compared to previous versions. Several technologies on the storage, memory and power management side allow better performing data centers.

In a recent webinar about performance management in virtualized environment Bernd Harzog and I discussed different strategies for application performance management in the VMware World – a topic that is also on the list at this week’s conference. Bernd and I touched some of the new tools available by VMware as well as the new interfaces that VMware provides for vendors like Dynatrace.

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