Next-Gen APM Solutions and the APM ‘Leaders’ Quadrant

Over the past few years, the application performance management market has been undergoing a transformation in order to meet the requirements of today’s applications. To address this market shift, we’ve been committed to building next-generation APM solutions. It’s our conviction that today’s complex and pervasive application performance problems demand a simpler solution.

We have fundamentally restructured our business for ongoing success by expanding our footprint in the APM market. With the combination of Vantage and Gomez, and more recently Dynatrace, we have taken a leadership position in the marketplace by offering the most comprehensive APM solution to optimize mobile and web application performance across the entire application delivery chain, from data centers, through the cloud, to the edge of the Internet.

Recently industry analyst firm EMA said ‘no single vendor has approached the application performance management arena with the same level of diligence and intelligence as Compuware.’ In what we think is another testament to our APM strategy and leadership, we’ve been placed in the “leaders” quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) report.

“Vendors eligible for inclusion in this research meets the following criteria:

  1. Gartner client inquiry data confirms that the product is of interest to Gartner clients in enterprise environments by making their product selection shortlists.
  2. The vendor should have at least 50 customers who use its APM products actively in the production environment for at least two out of the four following functionalities: end user experience monitoring, application component discovery and modeling, deep monitoring of application components, and transaction flow monitoring.
  3. The vendor’s APM product portfolio should be capable of at least two of the following functions: end user experience monitoring; application component discovery modeling; in depth monitoring of key application components (e.g., J2EE, Oracle DBMS); transaction flow monitoring.
  4. The vendor must have a global sales presence.”

Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring” report looked at the completeness of vision and ability to execute and prioritizing and weighting inclusion criteria based on a high, low or standard scale of importance.

For completeness of vision, Gartner evaluated technology providers on their ability to convincingly articulate logical statements about current and future market direction, innovation, customer needs, and competitive forces and how well they map to the Gartner position. Ultimately, technology providers were rated on their understanding of how market forces can be exploited to create opportunity for the provider.

For Ability to Execute, Gartner evaluated technology providers on the quality and efficacy of the processes, systems, methods or procedures that enable IT provider performance to be competitive, efficient and effective, and to positively affect revenue, retention and reputation. Ultimately, technology providers are judged on their ability and success in capitalizing on their vision.

Six aspects characterize Leaders: (1) competitive offerings related to all five dimensions of APM and best-of-breed functionality in three or more of the dimensions; (2) credibility in the monitoring of application domains assembled from heterogeneous sources; (3) effective integration across four or more of the dimensions; (4) the ability to deliver and support APM on a global basis; (5) a consistent track record of innovation; and (6) a vision that places APM at the heart of operations and application management.

With more and more business critical applications moving outside the corporate walls to the Internet, IT faces challenges in ensuring uninterrupted performance. In an earlier post, I wrote about an evolution taking place in APM in which it can no longer be understood as a narrow discipline focused only on monitoring enterprise applications in an infrastructure context.

It increasingly requires Internet awareness to support the growth of Web, Web 2.0, Rich Internet, mobile devices, wireless, cloud and other services that can only be effectively captured with insights from outside the firewall.

We provide the only solution that offers an integrated view of application performance across the entire application delivery chain from the browser on a real user’s computer or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, across third-party and cloud providers, to the infrastructure running inside data centers.

Needless to say we’re extremely proud of position in the ‘Leaders’ quadrant in this year’s APM MQ report and remain committed to helping companies ensure that employees using internal enterprise applications on a WAN, customers accessing e-commerce web sites, or anyone using any commercial browser or mobile device, will enjoy optimal application performance.

A complimentary copy of the report can be viewed at /gartner-magic-quadrant-application-performance-monitoring-suites/

Steve has been working in the software and IT services industry for almost 20 years and has contributed in key roles to leading the evolution and modernization of the IT performance, including the adoption of Dynatrace as one of the fastest growing APM solutions in the industry. As Vice President for Product Management, he is responsible for product vision and go-to-market strategy. Prior to this role, Steve has held management positions in product management, technical sales and engineering. Steve also enjoys cycling, coaching and his children (not in that order). Steve has B.A. in Economics from Kalamazoo College.