Know when database statements are executed

Have you ever wondered which SQL statement is responsible for a detected response-time or load spike on your database? Dynatrace can now tell you exactly which database statements are executed when in your environment.

You’ll now find this information included in the Database statements list at the bottom of each database-service Details page and each database-operation Details pages.

database statements

Adjust the analysis time frame

Adjusting the analysis time frame results in an updated list of executed Database statements. See the response time spike at 06:00 in the chart below? Clicking this spike in the timeline resets the analysis time frame. The table beneath the chart is updated accordingly and shows you statistics about the statements that were executed during the updated analysis time frame.

database statements

Sort database statements

The Sort by response time option can reveal interesting insights. Sorting statements executed during the analysis time frame based on response time reveals two statements that, while not the slowest, are executed far more often then the other slow statements and thus have a higher impact on the median response time of the database (in aggregate these statements are responsible for 15-20% of the load during the analysis time frame).

So, with one simple click we found the two statements that caused the load spike shown in the chart.