Introducing support for Apache/PHP with FastCGI

Dynatrace now supports deep monitoring of Apache PHP requests via FastCGI. Until now we’ve only supported mod_php and all types of FPM requests.

To enable monitoring of FastCGI PHP requests:
  1. Update your version of OneAgent to v1.99.
  2. Go to Settings > Monitoring > Monitored Technologies.
  3. Enable FastCGI in the Monitored technologies section.
  4. Scroll down and enable the FastCGI PHP processes launched by Apache HTTP Server switch.
  5. Restart your Apache HTTP server.


FastCGI setup 

Many FastCGI setups bounce PHP CGI processes every few requests or following short timeouts. This is often done to avoid memory leaks. As OneAgent can slow startup slightly, this can lead to performance issues. To avoid this issue, ensure that you set up Fast CGI so that it remains alive for thousands of requests, or at least several minutes.