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Intility unlocks digital innovations for its customers with Dynatrace

Intility is a fully managed platform utilized by more than 600 companies across 2,000 locations globally. Taking an end-to-end responsibility for our customers’ critical infrastructure and applications, we are always striving to optimize the performance of our industrialized platform.

Part of what drives our success is our broad technology partner ecosystem, enabling our company to deliver a world-class managed IT service platform to our customers. The Dynatrace platform is a key part of our strategy where teams across the whole organization are leveraging Dynatrace® for end-to-end visibility across our entire technology stack and automating across our software development lifecycle (SDLC). This gives us real-time insights into problems across the stack, identifying precise root causes of different issues and providing automated resolution with closed-loop remediation. These benefits are then extended to the customers on our managed platform for them to drive more efficiency and better business outcomes.

Our journey with Dynatrace has been strategic from the beginning. With the exponential growth our company is experiencing in terms of the increased number of customers and technologies integrating into the platform, we recognized the need for a best of breed, technology agnostic, AI monitoring tool that could consolidate the management of a multi-cloud environment. The Dynatrace Platform already supported over 60 technologies and an extensible architecture – making Dynatrace the natural choice. We also saw the potential of providing customers a unique insight into their own IT ecosystem with Dynatrace which is now enhancing the collaboration between Intility and our customers. And, to do this in the most cost-effective way possible, we turned to Dynatrace ACE Services and their Platform Extensions team.

Build a foundation that scales

Unlike traditional services engagements that focus on moment-in-time projects, the Dynatrace Platform Extensions team worked with us from day one to develop a scalable, long-term strategy for integrating the Dynatrace Platform into our technology ecosystem. Rather than looking at our list of technologies and integrating them into the platform one by one, the team mapped out our business needs and empowered our organization with the knowledge and competency to integrate Dynatrace ourselves, making Intility both self-driven, flexible, and scalable as the technology landscape is rapidly changing. This consultative approach has led to better results and made the implementation of Dynatrace cost-efficient.

Here are just a few of the areas we as a team discussed as part of the planning stage:

  • Fewer enterprise silos. With several IT teams in our organization, we needed a way of standardizing our approach to incident management, including reporting, troubleshooting, and monitoring.
  • Faster time to resolution. With the emerging number of technologies available in the market and on the Intility platform, we needed one tool that could support operations across the whole platform.
  • Lower risk with technology integrations. We needed the confidence to expand the Dynatrace Platform to emerging technologies in anticipation of continued growth and scale. Our integrations needed to work seamlessly so that downstream, our DevOps and IT teams would never encounter issues that could disrupt our digital transformation.
  • Faster time to value. We pride ourselves on being an agile organization that meets customer demands quickly and effectively. To achieve this, we had to ensure our team of developers and engineers had the necessary knowledge to achieve faster time to value with the Dynatrace Platform.

Focusing on these key areas kept us on track and armed us with the confidence to know that Dynatrace would scale as our environment evolves over time. The result: we will be able to seamlessly integrate Dynatrace into our third-party, interconnected systems as our environment changes, reducing costs in the long run and ensuring that we deliver faster and higher quality in our innovations for our customers, without any disruptions in our services.

Accelerated digital transformation

The ACE Services Platform Extensions team assisted us in integrating the Dynatrace Platform into different technologies across our stack. Most importantly, the ACE Services team provided the guidance, coaching, and team augmentation that we needed to take control of our digital transformation at our pace and achieve our business objectives with the Dynatrace Platform.

We now have the confidence to start building our own integrations, which will be critically important as we adopt new and emerging cloud technologies across our environment. It also empowers our teams to solve issues quickly and ensure automation continues to be a driving force behind our services.

The Dynatrace platform has become a strategic component in our technology stack, sitting on top of our monitoring hierarchy, and with the support of the Platform Extensions team, we have been able to extend the power of automatic and intelligent observability across our environment. Dynatrace will continue being a critical component to our success and the success of our customers by helping us to be a more efficient, innovative enterprise powered by modern clouds.