Traffic spikes & drops now separately detectable

Over the past weeks, we’ve received a lot of feedback about our detection of abnormal traffic spikes and drops. While an unexpected drop in traffic may indicate a potential application outage (see blog post about potential application outages), abnormal traffic spikes—while interesting—typically aren’t mission-critical issues that require immediate attention.

In order to reduce the noise of non-mission critical problems related to traffic spikes, we’ve split the detection of traffic spikes and drops into two independent options. Detection of traffic spikes is now an optional setting that you can enable. By default, Dynatrace detects and reports mission critical traffic drops on your applications to inform you of potential application outages.

You can access traffic spike/drop notification settings at Settings > Anomaly detection (see the default state below).

Detection of application traffic spikes and drops

If you want to receive notifications related to abnormal spikes in traffic, enable the Detect traffic spikes setting. Anomaly settings can either be configured globally, across all applications, or they can be set within individual application settings.

Detection of application traffic spikes and drops