Improved root cause analysis of service failures

While analysis of service failures is nothing new in Dynatrace, we’ve been busy improving the insights we offer when failures are encountered. You can now see the first fruits of this effort. Instead of just showing you the error code or broken links, the new failure analysis functionality attempts to identify the real root cause exception of each service request failure.

It detects which exception caused a service call to fail—even if the root cause exception is wrapped up somewhere in the exception chain or is a failed call to another service.

Web request that fails with an HTTP 500 due to an exception
Web service that fails due to an exception in a custom service it calls
Custom service that fails with an exception

So now instead of looking through exceptions and logs to find out what actually triggered a failure, Dynatrace simply tells you!

We plan to add stack traces and further refinements in the very near future, so stay tuned!

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