Improved browser breakdown for applications

With the latest release we’ve improved the browser breakdown for monitored applications. We’ve added a table view on each application Performance analysis page that tracks three key metrics (Usage, Performance, and JavaScript errors) across platforms and browser types. With one click you can check if your slowest desktop browser is used by a lot of people or find out which of your top-five browsers has the most JavaScript errors.

To view browser-breakdown for an application:

  1. Click the Applications tile on your Dynatrace homepage.
  2. Select an application.
  3. Click the Performance details portion of the infographic to display the Performance analysis page.
  4. Click All browsers.

browser breakdown

browser breakdown

browser breakdown

Alex is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has deep experience gleaned from the earliest days of web development, performance, and analytics for online businesses. He is the expert for real user monitoring at Dynatrace.

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