IBM MQ ActiveGate extension now available (EAP)

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Dynatrace IBM MQ ActiveGate extension, now available in an EAP. This extension brings the best-in-class monitoring you expect from Dynatrace to the messaging solution that securely and reliably connects applications, systems, services, and files across your enterprise. Our ActiveGate extension holistically ingests key metrics, properties, and events from your IBM MQ environment and answers your most pressing question—how is my IBM MQ environment performing?


  • IBM Message Queue 8.0+
  • Dynatrace cluster version 1.156+
  • ActiveGate 1.155+
  • Connectivity between the ActiveGate and the Queue Manager
  • IBM MQ client installed on the ActiveGate

What you get

The extension automatically queries your IBM MQ queue managers every minute for queue, queue manager, channel, and channel listener-related metrics and events.

IBM MQ technology overview

We use this data to provide you with the same level of insight into your IBM MQ environment that you have come to expect with other Dynatrace-monitored technology solutions. No additional configuration is necessary.

IBM MQ channel-related metrics

We also natively render the relationships between IBM MQ and your application and services.

IBM MQ in Smartscape

And with upcoming improvements to our AI engine, we’ll soon incorporate IBM MQ metrics into our anomaly-based root cause analysis engine, further enabling you to understand how IBM MQ affects your customers and services.

IBM MQ problems

The following metrics are captured by the IBM MQ ActiveGate extension:

Queue Manager

  • Status
  • Connections


  • Queue Depth
  • Queue Depth Percentage
  • Default Priority
  • Inhibit Get
  • Inhibit Put
  • Max Message Length
  • Max Queue Depth
  • Open Input Count
  • Open Output Count
  • Oldest Message Age
  • Uncommitted Messages
  • High Queue Depth
  • Dequeue Count
  • Enqueue Count
  • Time Indicator


  • Status
  • Substate
  • Messages
  • Bytes Sent
  • Bytes Received
  • Buffers Sent
  • Buffers Received
  • Type
  • Last Msg Date
  • Last Msg Time
  • Current Sharing Convs


  • Channel Listener Status

Interested in participating in the EAP?

If you’re interested in the EAP, and your environment meets the requirements, please complete the enrollment form.

For additional information about the EAP, please email the Platform Extensions team.