Getting Started and Troubleshooting Tips for dynaTrace AJAX Edition

The Free Dynatrace AJAX Edition has been out for several months now. Thanks to a great and constantly growing user and community base we keep learning about what the typical performance problems in Web 2.0 applications are.

In order to Get Started with the Dynatrace AJAX Edition some users keep asking about some guidance. We also had some that experienced issues in the installation process or while working with the tool. We collect this information on our Troubleshooting Tips page on the dynaTrace AJAX Community Site.

This blog shows you How to Get Started, talks about the main obstacles we have seen users have and tells you How to Get Involed and where to look next:

How do I get started with the AJAX Edition?

I recommend everybody that wants to get a jump start with the dynaTrce AJAX Edition to check out the following material:

  1. Recorded Hands-On AJAX Edition Webinar: its a 1 hour webinar starting with an overview of why we built the AJAX Edition and then walks through a scenario where we analyze Google Maps using all features that the tool provides
  2. How to Speed Up sites like by more than 50% in 5 minutes: This blog walks you through the process of analyzing the most common JavaScript related performance problem we’ve seen with our user base. It shows how to analyze JavaScript traces and how to use the HotSpot view to get to your top problems in seconds.
  3. How to analyze and speed up content rich web sites like in minutes: This blog walks you through the process of analyzing network activity in order to find problems like too many images on the page, incorrect caching settings or performance problems related to latency
  4. Dynatrace AJAX Edition Web-Site including a 5 Minute Vide Demo and the individual Learn about Dynatrace AJAX Edition Pages

Having Installation Issues?

The main installation related problems we have seen are:

  • 3rd Party Extensions in IE were disabled: Enable this option in the IE Advanced Internet Options
  • Running Active Content from My Computer disabled: Enable this option in the IE Advanced Internet Options
  • Users Document & Settings directory located on a file server that disallows directory names starting with “.dynaTrace”: Change the default user home directory in the dtajax.ini file by replacing @user.home with a local folder reference
  • Corrupt installation leads to invalid registry key setting: ensure the value of the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor\AutoRun is blank
  • Internet Explorer 64bit is not yet supported: Please run the 32Bit version of IE instead. Let us know if there is demand for supporting the 64bit browser via the Wish List
  • dynaTrace AJAX Add-On crashes Internet Explorer: Upgrade to the latest Dynatrace AJAX Edition version as we keep fixing those issues 🙂

If you run in any problem please report them using the “Found a bug?” toolbar button or add a comment to the Troubleshooting Tips Community Page.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is by commenting on our community pages:

  • Wish List: allows you to give us feedback about features that you would like to see, e.g.: support for other browsers, support for automation environments, …
  • Community Portal: gives you input on General Usage Issues, AJAX in Testing, AJAX Performance Diagnostics or information about AJAX Frameworks
  • Find a Bug? Toolbar button: This toolbar button zips your local log files and directs you to the Feedback Form where you can upload this zipped file to the Dynatrace Lab. We will look into your reported problems and provide you guidance on how to solve them.
  • The Dynatrace Blog: obviously you already found our blog. All AJAX related topics can be found by following the AJAX Tag

Additional material

Following links provide some additional material that will be interesting for you:

Thanks to all of you that help us make this tool even better and that work on getting rid of all these slow running web applications 🙂

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