Free Shipping Day – Another Day of Performance Calm

Monday December 17 was Free Shipping Day, the last of the specially marketed “days” prior to the arrival of Christmas next Tuesday. With a special site and marketing aimed at getting the last-minute shoppers back online and shopping just one more time, retailers hope that this will give them the final revenue burst they need to make the holiday season a success.

Despite the marketing, traffic volumes from the Compuware Ecommerce and Retail Real User Index shows that on December 17, online traffic to the monitored sites was lower than that seen on Green Monday (December 10) and about a third of what was seen on Cyber Monday (November 26). And, as has been the trend throughout this holiday season, performance data showed that none of the sites monitored by Compuware suffered any significant performance shift, in either datacenter or mobile performance.

One problem that retailers participating in Free Shipping Day face is that shoppers have become used to retailers providing free shipping throughout the year, so a day dedicated to something people get every day seems increasingly irrelevant. However, there is no doubt that shipping deadlines are approaching and Amazon provides customers with information telling them that Thursday is the last day they can provide two-day shipping (especially to all of the Amazon Prime customers) and Friday is the last full day for one-day shipping.

As the season winds down for online retailers, comScore data is showing that up until December 16, online spending this year was 13% higher than for the same period last year, reaching $33.8 billion, with 7 of the top 10 online holiday shopping days ever recorded. So, while Free Shipping Day may not be as attractive as in the past, it’s clear that the lure of shopping anywhere, anytime, and on any device has made 2012 a great year for retail performance, both in revenue and for the health of their online properties.

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