Enterprises see over 300 percent ROI with Dynatrace, according to independent research

Deploying Dynatrace into their cloud environment stands to net enterprises a 311 percent return on investment (ROI) and effectively pay for itself in less than just six months.

Deploying Dynatrace into their cloud environment stands to net enterprises a 311 percent return on investment (ROI) and effectively pay for itself in less than just six months. 

This comes from a November 2018 commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dynatrace, The Total Economic Impact™ of Dynatrace. The study, drawn from survey data collected from seven enterprise customers using Dynatrace, analyzes exactly what kind of financial and other advantages organizations who implement Dynatrace can expect to see. 

Let’s dive into some of the biggest takeaways from the study. 

The challenges enterprises face

The study highlighted a number of pain points that these enterprises were struggling with before adopting Dynatrace, including: 

  • An inability to efficiently resolve application issues
  • Getting bogged down in resource-intensive war room situations
  • Occasional failures to determine the root-cause analysis
  • Extended periods of performance degradation where a resolution could not be reached

It all comes down to today’s rapidly complex IT environments. That complexity not only drives performance issues but makes it that much more difficult to identify and resolve them – something that can’t be done by simply throwing resources at problems and troubleshooting them as they happen. Businesses need the ability to dig deeper into the underlying causes for a lasting resolution. 

The difference with Dynatrace

As the study says, “Only full-stack toolsets can provide the level of usable data and insights IT operators require today… Our findings revealed that [Dynatrace’s] AI-software intelligence platform performed well across entire IT stacks… With Dynatrace, customers markedly improved their efficiency in handling application performance issues, lifting service levels higher and boosting end-user satisfaction and productivity.” 

Dynatrace’s AI-driven software intelligence platform provides enterprises with real answers, not just data, in analyzing and remediating performance problems (and their root-causes). Combined with an easy deployment across the entire cloud infrastructure, and the capability of being set up in just hours instead of months, it’s no surprise that Dynatrace is helping so many organizations radically streamline their IT and DevOps operations and improve their end-user experience, all at scale, despite the complexity facing them.

A triple-digit return on investment

According to the study, the average enterprise using Dynatrace is poised to save up to $18.9 million, amounting to a 311 percent ROI that pays for itself in under six months. 

So where’s all that money coming from? In the study’s estimation, that ROI is based on a combination of areas that see major cost savings over a three-year period thanks to Dynatrace, including:

  • Quicker dev and test cycles = $5.7 million saved
  • Increased end-user productivity = $4.4 million saved
  • All-in-one full-stack monitoring, for more efficient IT ops = $2.4 million saved
  • Nipping future performance issues in the bud by leveraging Dynatrace during the development process = $1.2 million saved
  • A faster delivery-to-market speed = $2.15 million in new revenue

Beyond raw cost savings, Dynatrace benefits found by the study also include:

  • 75 percent reduction in mean time to repair
  • A decline in performance-related customer calls, attributed to a better user experience
  • 40 percent reduction in performance incidents
  • 45 percent drop in testing times and redundant development cycles
  • Faster digital transformation efforts
  • Minimized risk of application issues
  • Increased value from addressing new customers without diminishing the user experience in the process

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dynatrace quantifies Dynatrace’s many ROI benefits into easy-to-understand, black-and-white numbers. 

And you can dig further into the findings yourself, by checking out the full Total Economic Impact of Dynatrace report.

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