Enhanced detection for Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish

Some time ago we introduced the ability to detect Java process groups by defining Java system properties for individual Java processes. This option was previously only available for generic Java processes. Tomcat, JBoss, and other application servers were excluded because they have additional semantics (for example application server-specific cluster detection). We’ve now extended this feature to include Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish application server processes.

To enable detection of these Java process groups, go to Settings > Monitoring > Process group naming and define a new detection rule.

Now when you add a new rule the first thing you do is select the process type that the rule applies to. You can then define which Java system property should be referenced for the naming and identification of the process group. The system property can be an existing property or a new property that you specifically add to a process’ command line for the purpose of Dynatrace process group detection.

Note: This feature requires OneAgent v1.93 or higher.

Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish