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EMEA Partner Awards – you can’t automate what you can’t measure!

We’re back in Barcelona for our second European Perform Summit, where the theme of autonomous cloud operations is traversing every aspect of the event. The foundational step on the journey to operations automation starts with adopting a new approach to monitoring – to paraphrase the adage: you can’t automate what you can’t measure.

Traditional monitoring tools (we call them 2nd Generation) quickly hit a wall when up against the scale, dynamic nature and new technologies that power cloud environments. And that’s exactly where Dynatrace excels with automation and AI at the core of the Dynatrace platform. The ability to automatically monitor all applications, full-stack in real time, provide automated problem identification and accurate root cause analysis is the enabler to create run book and process automation. Without the insights Dynatrace provides as the foundation, achieving autonomous cloud operations will fail fast.

Partner Awards Dinner

At the Partner Awards dinner, we recognized and celebrated the contribution and success of all our EMEA partners. And with 400 partner attendees from 70 countries it was quite the celebration! In keeping with the theme of autonomous cloud, we awarded special recognition to a select group of partners who are building practices and services offerings to help enterprises achieve automation. These are the visionary leaders who are making investments in Dynatrace and their teams to deliver large scale enterprise transformation projects.

A massive congratulations to all our partners, and especially our winners, for a phenomenal 12 months. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all again in 2020.

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