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Dynatrace Mixed Reality – Preview now available

Early Access Program

At Perform 2018 in Las Vegas, we first introduced the Dynatrace HoloLens experience. Following the session and during customer and partner demos we received a lot of interest in how this innovative technology might be applied to real-world environments that are monitored by Dynatrace.

Over the last year, Dynatrace R&D has developed this technology from a pure showcase to an application that can be connected to real-world environments.

With the release of Dynatrace version 1.161, we are now offering this cutting-edge mixed reality application as a DemoKit, that can be used to demonstrate the power of Dynatrace problem root-cause analysis.

The Dynatrace Mixed Reality (MR) application is available through the Microsoft Store. The application can be deployed to your own HoloLens to visualize Dynatrace-detected problems within your own monitoring environment. The Dynatrace MR application is now available in a Preview.

Customers who are part of the Dynatrace innovators program are eligible for the Dynatrace augmented reality interface as well.

Once you deployed the Dynatrace MR application on your Microsoft HoloLens you can connect it to any of your Dynatrace monitoring environments using a QR code.

Multiple connected HoloLens users can collaborate and analyze Dynatrace-detected problems in a real-world augmented reality visualization, as shown below.

Dynatrace MR augments your surroundings with all problem relevant, real-time information, no matter if your team is collaboratively analyzing root-causes in a hotel room, as shown below, or within a typical office scenario.

The major advantage of a mixed reality interface is the seamless interaction between experts that reside in the same physical space along with the option for remote HoloLens users to dial into an ongoing session.

If you already have a HoloLens device and you’re curious how the root-cause of a Dynatrace detected problem can be analyzed within a 3D topology that augments your physical surroundings, sign up for the Preview. Please also see our disclaimer about Dynatrace Previews.