Dynatrace hosting first hack showcase at Perform 2018

Love Dynatrace, but missing that cool Jenkins plugin from AppMon? How about the Generic Execution Plugin? Build it! Have you been monitoring your office beer keg or hamster? Integrated Dynatrace into your Jenkins or CodeBuild pipeline? Come show it off!

Join us at the first ever Dynatrace Hack Showcase, taking place at Perform 2018. The most interesting hack will be recognized on the main stage during the final day of Perform and will also win a Dynatrace UFO.

We are also going to have a managed tenant available for participants to use for their hacks. Send me an email at daniel.dyla@dynatrace.com for details and access!

Participants are encouraged to build a hack in advance or show off something they’ve already built. However, Michael Beemer and I will be available all week in the Innovation Center, to help answer any questions you may have regarding the APIs and the plugin ecosystem if you need to finish up. We would love to see how you integrate Dynatrace into your development and deployment lifecycle.

Hacks don’t even need to be coding. Maybe you’re monitoring something interesting or leveraging your monitoring data to extract insights that weren’t available before. We want to see it all! Learn more by listening to PurePerformance Cafe 42 below and scroll down to check out some really cool hacks for some inspiration!

Listen to “Cafe 042: Dynatrace Hackathon at PERFORM 2018 – Get Ready! Get On-Stage!” on Spreaker.

A Hamster Fitness Tracker

Sarah Reitinger leveraged the Dynatrace API with custom metrics to determine that her hamster runs an amazing 8.5km per night! The best part is that with a combination of the Mosquitto MQTT broker and node-red, the hack required very little code.

UEM Sessions on Alexa Voice Service

By leveraging the AWS Lambda service, Harald Zeitlhofer and Michael Beemer were able to send UEM data about Alexa sessions, allowing application developers to see exactly how users progressed through their voice application the same way we can now with web applications.

JIRA Cloud Integration

Andreas Grabner and I attended Atlassian Connect Week Austin 2017 and built an integration with the JIRA cloud service and with HipChat, that allows a two-way integration with the Dynatrace platform. With the integrations enabled, a developer can see that a problem has started in the HipChat sidebar and gather real-time data about the problem, without leaving the JIRA ticket, allowing the developer to stay within the tools they already use.

Learn more about the integration by watching the video here or learn how they built it by watching the video here.

Dynatrace CLI

Andreas has been developing an open source tool to gather information from Dynatrace directly from the command line. He would be very happy if someone forked the GitHub repository and made it even better with even more use cases!

Davis chat-ops platform

The Davis® chat-ops platform is a great tool where users can ask for performance data in plain English and receive plain English answers. No more wading through dashboards and metrics to find out if your application is healthy and your users are happy, just ask Davis “are there any open issues?” or “what is the Apdex rating for my application?” and receive answers right away. If you have a Dynatrace account, you can try Davis today.

Go Hack!

If you need any help with the APIs, are looking for inspiration, or just want to chat, drop me a line on Twitter at @dyladan or email me at daniel.dyla@dynatrace.com. You can also email Mike at michael.beemer@dynatrace.com. If you do not have a Dynatrace account, make sure to sign up for the Dynatrace SaaS trial.

Make sure to check out dynatrace.com/perform-vegas/ for news and schedules leading up to the event, and remember: what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas. We’re all looking forward to seeing what you built!

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