Dynatrace partners, HCL Technologies & CSC stand tall in new Gartner report

Here at Dynatrace, we were pretty excited (but not completely surprised) to see a number of our partners making the A-list in Gartner’s newly launched Magic Quadrant report, which identifies the top 20 Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers Worldwide.

Accenture, HCL, CSC, Capgemini, Melbourne IT, Bulletproof, Rackspace, Wipro and Infosys are among our partners that made the list. I specifically called out HCL and CSC because it just so happens that we’ve been active in our joint marketing efforts recently.

HCL Technologies CTO – Kalyan Kumar

I recently caught up with Kalyan (@kklive) at their UK office, to get the lowdown on why they chose to partner with Dynatrace.

Check out the video here.

For me, the most exciting takeaways from Kalyan’s interview was hearing just how forward thinking HCL’s strategy is – they’re adopting AI, robotics and machine learning technologies every day to drive improved services and build better products for their customers.

And I’m proud to say that Dynatrace plays a critical role in HCL’s ability to provide a full stack application monitoring solution through our integration into their service offering DRYiCE. If you listen in the video you’ll hear Kalyan reference one of the world’s leading brands – Manchester United.

Speaking of the future…

Recently at our global Perform event in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of interviewing both Kalyan Kumar from HCL and JP Morgenthal from CSC, about the big trends impacting digital delivery for businesses tomorrow.

Have a quick look and listen to our on-stage chat here.

For me, the discussion brought home some great points that underscore our unified monitoring mandate here at Dynatrace – to see every user, across every application, everywhere:

Our focus should be on outcomes, not data

“It’s not about the nuts and bolts. Too much data hits operations. Leading them to question, what does it mean? What do you do with it? You need to focus on outcomes. Show me where the issue is. What do I need to focus on?” – Kalyan Kumar

Visibility is of the utmost importance

“Managing distributed apps is really complex and there are very few tools out there that really focus on understanding all of the connection points and the flow of communications and dependencies. That’s critical to being able to understand how to troubleshoot a problem when something occurs and to understand the health of a distributed app.” – JP Morgenthal

Cultural change is here

“We’re departing from infrastructure operations monitoring. As the cloud comes in, and as we get commoditized hardware, what we’re seeing … there is a gradual shift towards an application centric universe and it’s really beginning to change things and the way people think.” – JP Morgenthal

AI is the answer to the complexity challenge

“Application complexity leads to a situation where human IT operations is no longer possible. Bring in artificial, augmented intelligence… let the system handle the complexity and provide the insights.” – Kalyan Kumar

 And the winner is…

With the rate of innovation at HCL exceeding expectation, it’s no wonder this year we awarded Kalyan and his team at HCL the Dynatrace R&D Mover and Shaker award for being the most innovative development partner of 2017.

Big thanks to HCL and CSC for partnering with Dynatrace – we applaud your tireless efforts to innovate and succeed for your customers.

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