Dynatrace Managed feature update, version 1.148

Here are the enhancements we’ve introduced with Dynatrace Managed version 148:

Fine-grained data storage settings

Data retention settings are configurable for each environment. Dynatrace Managed now provides the option of individually configuring both service-request storage retention periods (default is 35 days) and service-code storage retention periods (default is 10 days). Typically, service-request level retention periods are longer than code-level retention periods, which include a lot more detail (code-level visibility). Therefore, we limit the available options for code-level data retention based on the active service-level retention setting, which is currently limited to a maximum of 35 days. Configure these limits based on your organization’s need for data retention and the amount of storage you’re willing to provide.

Transaction storage retention settings are split into 4 separate retention quotas: RUM, synthetic monitoring, service requests, and service code.

To access environment-wide data retention settings

  1. From the Cluster Management Console, select Environments from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the environment you want to configure.
  3. Select appropriate Max limit data-retention periods for Service request level retention and Service code level rentention.
    Dynatrace Managed

Diagnostic archives for Managed installations

For each Dynatrace Managed license, we now provide a downloadable cluster log and configuration file (ZIP archive). To access an archive, click the browse () button in the upper-right corner of the CMC Home page and select Download support archive (see example below).

Dynatrace Managed

The package contains configuration and log files from all installed Public Managed Security Gateways and components of every single cluster node, including audit log files. This enables easier troubleshooting, proactive health checks, and support-related information that may be requested by Dynatrace Support or Dynatrace ONE.

Note: We limit log file storage to the last 60 days to prevent archives from growing too large. Depending on the size of your cluster, these archives can consume up to a few GB of uncompressed storage.

Also in this release

  • For Dynatrace Managed installations with multiple cluster nodes, we can now perform rolling upgrades so that there is no service interruption for Dynatrace. Note that for version 148 this will be performed only for some parts of the clusters.
  • For cases where cluster nodes are added or removed, or where certificates are changed, we only reload NGINX configuration rather than performing restarts.
  • Retention period settings are limited to a maximum of 35 days. Configurations exceeding this threshold are retained.
  • For new licenses, Dynatrace ONE live chat is enabled by default. The Enable Dynatrace ONE live chat setting can be configured from within the CMC at Settings > Preferences.
  • When adding a node to the Dynatrace cluster, the installer doesn’t wait for synchronization of metric data to complete. Instead, it completes the installation while data synchronization uns asynchronously.

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 147 and Version 148 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.